GEDA LIFT Battery technology totally wireless

Geda Lift Battery Technology Totally Wireless

The real highlight is that thanks to state-ofthe-art battery technology the device operates totally wirelessly.

With just one touch of a button a manual winch transports a wide range of materials via a ladder system to heights up to 10 m. The remote radio control sets the compact device in motion then the GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT easily sweeps 120 kg into the air. All that exhausting - dragging up to those top floors is now consigned to the past!

Always the right combination – by cleverly combining the support and/or the lean-to ladder using the convenient ladder connection kit, progressively adjustable heights from 2.2 m up to 10 m can be achieved.

Even when the GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT is not needed, the versatile robust ladder can be used as a traditional construction site ladder. All ladders in the GEDA LIFTLadder  system stand out due  to their unique “Made in Germany” quality.



Technical Details
  GEDA BatteryLadderLIFT
Cargo Material
Load capacity (material) 120 kg
Lifting height 10 m
Lifting speed 15 m/min
Battery Lithium ion battery
Battery voltage 24 V
Battery capacity 10 Ah 

Technical Details
  GEDA LIFTLadder 4500 GEDA LIFTLadder 2400
Ladder type Lean-to ladder, Stepladder Extension ladder, Lean-to ladder
Length 4.5m 2.4m
Weight 19 Kg 9.7 Kg
Particularity Strengthened ladder link


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